Growing With StyleOctober 4th, 2009

We always wanted to grow something; so an indoor herb “garden” recently became our new “hobby”. Besides, I was curious to add a little more “style” to traditional growing. We separated the earth into four areas with strips of chipboard and planted four different herbs (dill, parsley, salad leaves and basil) into each area.

Day 1 IMG_1133

Day 5 IMG_1134

Day 11 Day 11

Day 13 IMG_1211

Day 20 IMG_1352

Day 28 IMG_1358

Since every herb has a different growing cycle, it was interesting to see the pot become greener at different intervals and intensities; so far parsley has been dominating the pot.



The final goal is to remove chipboard as the sprouts grow taller and uncover fields of plants of different heights and frequencies which have been artificially controlled and grown to create a specific layout. Watch for more images and updates!

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