Custom (M)AssificationDecember 21st, 2010

Custom (M)Assification, or what should be instead called, (M)Ass Customization, based on Bob Somol’s Green Dots, is a experiment to integrate the recent Microsoft Kinect gaming platform with architecture. It is also an attempt to produce highly customized furniture pieces, in this case chairs, that would cater to a single individual with his/her specific body traits.

Kinect was used to calculate the depth of a person’s butt at each individual point while in a seating position. This data was extracted and converted into a mesh, which was originally rough but still a breakthrough since it allowed a photograph to be converted directly into a 3-dimensional model.

This mesh was imported into Rhino and AutoCAD for further manipulation. The result was a semi-accurate seating cut-out that would be able to accommodate that specific person.

The goal is to create an interface where these 3-d Kinect meshes can be created at home by the customers and then sent over to manufacturers for custom fitting.

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  1. Samir Says:

    So.. like I totally want a chair with my ass print on it. Talk about total comfort. :)

    So when are you going to start taking orders? :P

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