Moscow AdventureOctober 4th, 2009

Last time I was in Moscow was when I was five years old; this year we decided to refresh our memory and go see it again. Obviously it has changed beyond recognition. We enjoyed the good times but also ran into some issues that are pretty common for tourists in Russia. Here are some tips for the travelers: if you’re going to apply for a Homestay visa, make sure you allow yourself upto three months before your flight: they really want you to apply for a Tourist visa instead so they make it very complicated to get the Homestay one; once you arrived, you have to register at a local OVIR which could take you upto a day of waiting in lines, so don’t plan any local flights within 24 hours from arrival; go inside of Russian McDonald’s: the atmosphere is much different from what you’re used to; and never try to cross a road: unless you’re suicidal, use below ground cross-passes. I am sure that I’ve missed something, so if you need more tips let me know…









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