Must Have PensOctober 9th, 2009

Where are pens when you need them? This project came about because of necessity to keep pens where they need to be; at the same time it became an exploration of how an object itself could turned into a writing or drawing medium. In this case, a pen itself is turned into a pixel and serves as a single measure of verbal and visual communication.


Good old Styrofoam is curved out for the base and punctured with evenly distributed holes, which are just big enough to fit in a pen. Pens are fit tightly, but are not glued, which allows for endless reshuffling and configurations.



Finally, these black and white pens are arranged into representational images and text. This is a very interesting moment because an ink pen, which is traditionally used as a medium of production of words and images; starts to physically compose them out of itself. A pen, or a pixel, becomes a metaphor of communication and representation.



To exaggerate its metaphorical meaning, the pen-holder is hung like a picture on a wall. On one hand, its 3-dimensionality and its natural depth, on the other hand its deliberate connection to a flat painting/drawing/text place it in between sculpture and painting, but reject it from either categories. It is not a sculpture, and it’s not a painting, but it’s a metaphor for the importance of capturing and distributing the world we live in.



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  1. Min Says:

    Looks great! I was thinking it would look neat to see some of the foam without any holes in it, acting as a spacer. A design could be created with the spacers too :)

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