FUZZy the cat-sitterOctober 4th, 2009

Meet FUZZy: the ultimate cat-sitter! Soft and playful: it was programmed to entertain your cat when you’re not around or have your hands full.
FUZZy can be hung anywhere in a room and adjusted according to your cat’s needs; it can automatically turn on every 15 minutes, half-an-hour, or 45 minutes until you shut it off. We also experimented with different toy sizes and how they would affect cat’s behavior.

FUZZy was first digitally designed in Rhino, then sectioned and physically reproduced in a chip board mold form.

Rhino model from Darya A. Minosyants on Vimeo.


FUZZy was tested on our lazy cat; and believe it or not it worked somehow… Here some first clips of Zaha that we recorded.

FUZZy the cat-sitter from Darya A. Minosyants on Vimeo.

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